Our Story

The Alpenrose is a restaurant designed to bring our guests into a unique, authentic ambiance for a delightful drink, lunch, dinner, breakfast, or for a celebration. To the average passerby, "the Alps" probably sparks visions of lederhosen and oompah bands. But, the European mountain range actually carves through countries as diverse as Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland - a cornucopia of cultures and cuisines which can all claim the title "Alpen."

Years before our 1991 opening, those of us who were involved in developing this idea called Alpenrose began cultivating an ever-deepening affinity for the people and places of the region. We hope that our on-going love affair is reflected, not only in the food we prepare and the service we deliver, but throughout the Alpenrose facility itself.

The majority of the fine pine wood used in the restaurant was aged and imported from Austria, including most of the furniture, which is also authentic. Even the support columns and decorative ceilings were imported from either Germany or Austria, and display exquisite wooden carvings of the "Alpenrose," a rhododendron-type flower found throughout the Alps. It is hard to imagine that our building once housed the Woolworth five-and-dime store. The heavier pine wood found around the door and window frames, as well as the wood floors, were all repurposed from the Baker Furniture Factory that was once located where the current Freedom Village now stands here in Holland.

Our dream of bringing Alpen charm to West Michigan is reflected in our multiple dining rooms, also. From our family-oriented Kitzbuhel ski lodge; to the classical, fine-dining elegance of our Salzburg room; to the tasteful banquets available in the Garmisch room; Alpenrose is a magnificent microcosm of the many dining experiences available in the Alpen region, with some classical American dishes as well. Welcome to the Alpenrose.

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